neurosurgery service

Operative therapies

Minimally invasive operations

My neurosurgical offering includes operations for the following indications:


>> Lumbar disc herniation

>> Cervical disc herniation

>> Lumbar or cervical vertebrostenosis

>> Cervical nerve canal osteochondrosis with nerve

>> Spinal instability

>> Vertebral tumors

>> Hydrocephalus (e.g. normal pressure hydrocephalus NPH)

>> Chronic subdural hematomas

Neurochirurg Prof. Knosp

Neurosurgical consultation

The detailed consultation includes a clinical-neurosurgical examination, the assessment of your radiological images, the discussion of the medical findings as well as the possible options of therapy – regarding the surgical indication, conservative therapies or adjuvant therapies (radiation, gamma knife, chemotherapy, proton radiation etc.).


In particular, the risk assessment of various methods is explained and possible complications and consequential damages are discussed in detail.


For any further necessary diagnostics, adjuvant therapies or for physiotherapy, I can refer you to or help you making appointments.


Through my long work at Medical University of Vienna I have a good interdisciplinary network concerning:


>> Radiological imaging including radiotherapy (gamma knife,
     proton beam therapy/MedAustron)

>> ENT in scull base diseases

>> (Orthopedic) stabilisation of the spine

>> Pituitary adenomas in close cooperation with 

>> Neuro-oncology

>> Neurology

Schaubild Hypophysenadenom

Focus areas for consultations

Disc herniation

Vertebral stenosis


Spinal instability


Brain tumor

Skull base tumor

Pituitary adenomas

Acoustic neurinoma (vestibular-schwanoma)

Spinal cord tumor



Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

Arteriovenous fistulas (AVF)


Intracerebral hematoma (ICH)

Traumatic brain injuries